• projektor_led_floodlight
  • Halı saha Aydınlatma
  • makina aydınlatma armatürü
  • Torna Lambası
  • cnc torna lambası
  • 50Watt Led Projektor - 50Watt Led Flood Light
  • 100Watt Led Projektor - 100Watt Led Flood Light
  • LEA Serisi Standart Braketli
  • SEP Serisi Plastik Braketli
  • DEPG Serisi Borosilikat Cam Tüp

SEP Serisi

Cnc lathe Lighting

Industrial Application

With its high strength and endurance, by being dust-proof and water-proof, it provides long-lasting illumination for all industrial applications. Water-proof during short submersion time.

Economical Lightening

Converts electricity to light while providing saving with long-lasting, economical and well accepted Compact Floresant lamps.

Spare Parts

All spare parts are available in stock. You can provide all kinds of spare parts easily.

Easy Assembly

Your time is valuable for us ! Fast assembly with strapping kits and assembly bolts for bracketed products (SEP and LEA Series).